Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Backup and Disaster Recovery planning is the process of developing advance arrangements and procedures that enable an organization to respond to a disaster by resuming critical business functions within a defined time frame, minimizing loss, and restoring affected areas.

It is not a two-month project, nor is it a project you can forget about once it is completed. An effective recovery plan is a live recovery plan. The plan must be maintained and tested/exercised regularly.

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Global IMAC Services

Business environments undergo a rapid and constant change, bringing in a need for better
IT resources and improved implementation techniques.
With these changes comes the need for installing new hardware, moving to better work environments, adding or upgrading existing infrastructure and so on.

In short, the need for IMAC solutions is being increasingly felt across all verticals.

'IMAC' stands for Installs, Moves, Adds & Changes- the four primary needs of IT infrastructure.

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IT Maintenance Services

Business pressures in the present environment lead us to chase unrealistic deadlines. These pressures transcend people and many times afflict the IT systems and processes. Tough deadlines and cost pressures result in longer use of IT infrastructure. Such prolonged use of IT infrastructure and equipment can result in over-utilisation and hence breakdown. This situation clearly sets the stage for a proper system to address the required maintenance services.

Our IT Maintenance Services which includes Systems Maintenance Services and Computer Maintenance services provides the adequate level of support required to maintain smooth operations.

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Server Support Services

We can provide support for all platforms separately as well as in mixed environments. Support covers the whole network, servers and end-user systems.

Contragest Group specialises in the installation and maintenance of small and medium-size business servers. All major hardware manufacturers are supported, including Compaq, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel & Sun. We also support all major operating platforms, including Microsoft, Apple, Novell, & Unix. All backup devices and RAID configurations are also supported.

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Desktop Management Services

Desktop Management Solutions is one of the neglected IT functions as the efforts required for Desktop management are often underestimated.
Inadequate planning or resource allocation for Desktop management result in delayed deadlines.
Moreover the in-house IT resources may be over-burdened in attending to desktop-related issues along with other business priorities. Efficient planning and implementation of Desktop Management Solutions can avoid unnecessary delays.

Contragest's desktop management services cover the entire life-cycle of the desktop environment and provide clients with improved support for the end-user experience, data & infrastructure, minimising the impact of staff turnover and reducing the total cost of ownership, all leading to a greater ROI.

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Internal Network LAN Management (CAT6, Fiber, WiFi)

We design and deploy secure wired (CAT5) and wireless networks as well as internet connectivity. Our qualified engineers can set up LAN, WLAN, gateways, firewall, VPN, parental control and other services for fast and secure connectivity within both - the local network and the internet.

Besides Cisco we also specialise in many other network hardware vendors such as 3Com, Dell, Netgear, LinkSys, Belkin and more.

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