We have the right infrastructure and knowledge to help you transition to the cloud
The private, public, or hybrid cloud environment that’s best suited for your business needs and goals.
Contragest Group maintains the highest level of certification for architecting, migrating, and deploying SaaS, PaaS, IaaS and STaaS applications
and to move your business to the cloud.

Through a comprehensive infrastructure assessment, we build a roadmap to the cloud that best fits your business requirement. Whether you are concerned about the cost, amount of data or simply want to know more about cloud computing, we can help you.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a term relating to computer services provided through a remote computer to which users connect via the Internet or dedicated communications lines.
The name ‘cloud’ comes from the graphic representations of networks and/or the Internet, which depict clouds.
In cloud computing, the data and business logic of a system are in servers and computer centers, which the users operate from remote workstations.
As a result, users do not have to purchase, manage and maintain computer resources, but rather acquire them as a service from providers that make
computing power and capacity available to them with remote access via the Internet. The cloud gives users full command and control over the required
computing power. At peak times, for example, it is possible to lease higher computing power, which can be reduced at times of less traffic. Typical cloud-
computing consumers are medium or small businesses and individual users. The provider is normally a company that developed the required infrastructure
to provide the service transparently to a large number of users.


Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is a powerful and unobtrusive backup service that ensures any organisation is able to safely backup its data to either a hybrid local/cloud scenario or to Contragest’s secure hosted Cloud platform.

Cloud BPX

Contragest provides a full VoIP solutions using virtual PBX and SIPsolutions for businesses in the cloud. Based on new technology, the service is suitable for large customers or remote branches of small and medium businesses.


Contragest Business Wi-Fi service allows access from anywhere in the organization via highly reliable, optimum performance wireless communications specifically designed for business networks.

Network Services

Network is a main and critical resource.
Suspension of service or loss of data can be prevented through high-availability and redundancy solutions for the data communications network. Contragest Group‘s experts guarantee continuous, quality and reliable computer-network operation.

Datacenter & Hosting Solutions

Contragest group provides servers’ hosting services at its top-quality, secure and innovative data center, which ensures optimum physical security level and 24/7 guard services. Our data center is certified Tier IV, which means all connectivity is redundant


Contragest’s Disaster Recovery Program is a service for backup/exact duplication of a single server or complete system to a remote site in the data center facility. In the event of a crash at the main site, the DRP site can be accessed from any place.