We design and deploy secure wired (CAT5) and wireless networks as well as internet connectivity.
Our qualified engineers can set up LAN, WLAN, gateways, firewall, VPN, parental control and other services for fast and secure connectivity within both - the local network and the internet.
Besides Cisco we also specialise in many other network hardware vendors such as 3Com, Dell, Netgear, LinkSys, Belkin and more.

Cloud Network Services

Network Services

A computer network is a main and critical resource, and suspension of service or loss of data may cause economic damage to the organization.
Most cases of loss of information or continuous connectivity, however, can be prevented through high-availability and redundancy solutions for the data communications network.
Contragest Group‘s experts guarantee continuous, quality and reliable computer-network operation. Thanks to detailed planning, deployment of routers and switches in cluster configuration and proper management, our systems offer high-availability and performances. Network topologies allow for different levels of administration according to the organization’s needs and modular growth capacities.
Contragest Group has strong, leading business partners in the technology and equipment fields. Our customers enjoy backup services based on carefully planned communication networks.
The combination of innovative products, emphasis on professionalism, monitoring and proper maintenance ensures that our customers are the first to experience the future.

VRF Network

Customers using Contragest’s advanced cloud services can connect to the cloud environment over a secure connection fully managed by Contragest. As part of a customer-tailored solution, Contragest can operate with Loca ISP, furnishing an end-to-end solution. The connection between the customer’s facilities and the cloud network through ISP’s link is secure, monitored and encrypted.

The offices are connected to the Contragest cloud in a closed network with a controlled Internet port. Contragest Technologies cloud includes a firewall and offers remote access services. This secure Internet in fact saves the costs involved in purchasing or renewing the license of an existing firewall. Secure Internet access means advanced monitoring services with full management of everything happening on the web, including identification of suspicious behavior, loads, and more. A controlled configuration allows managing access via specific authorizations according to the company’s management’s requirements. The customer is allocated a Fortinet firewall with HA cluster and FortiAnalyzer.

Datacenter & Hosting Solutions


VPS infrastructures

Contragest provides Hyper-V or VMware cloud virtualization infrastructures for creating customized virtual servers.

The VPS infrastructures offer an effective quality solution for companies requiring a customized server infrastructure, obviating the need to purchase a local physical server, and without the maintenance and operating costs involved. Processing power, traffic performance and IOPS are flexible and adapted to every customer and budget. It is possible to choose Linux based servers of every type, Microsoft systems, and a 32 or 64-bit platform.

Contragest’s cloud-environment servers are monitored and maintained 24/7.

Hosting services

As part of its extensive service packages, Contragest Group provides servers’ hosting services at its top-quality, secure and innovative data center, which ensures optimum physical security level and 24/7 guard services.

Contragest’s hosting services include ongoing monitoring that examines the status of the servers at any given time, both at the hardware level and at the level of the services running in the operating systems.With infrastructures at the forefront of technology, we guarantee a high personal service level to each customer.

Business & Cloud Wifi

Business & Cloud Wi-Fi service

Contragest Wi-Fi service allows access from anywhere in the organization via highly reliable, optimum performance wireless communications designed for business networks.
The service is provided with wireless equipment from industry giants like Cisco, Meraki, Ruckus and Fortinet.

Solutions for Every Need

  • - Secure Internet access with emphasis on the organization’s data protection policy
  • - Branded website login for visitors offers an ideal platform for advertising, promoting and empowering the business and its services
  • - Enterprise-wide network accessibility (not only from the desktop)
  • - Substantial savings in deployment of wired infrastructures
  • - Reliability, stability and high performances
  • - Enhanced user experience


  • - Savings in operating time – management and service through Contragest services
  • - Savings in development and equipment costs – warranty and maintenance via a managed-service model
  • - End-to-end service – SLA including replacement of equipment at the customer’s site within a day during working hours
  • - Flexibility – ability to add end units according to the business’s growth Smart management
  • - Access to reports and statistics via a friendly and accessible web interface
  • - Availability – technical call center support

Access Points

  • - Deployment of indoor/outdoor wireless access points, web access to management and monitoring systems, and the possibility to write branded landing pages
  • - Support of all types of users
  • - Compliance with wireless standards 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • - Outdoor wireless units with long-range reception
  • - Simultaneous support of more than 300 users
  • - Dual-band technology (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz)
  • - Data transmission up to 1200 Mbps (based on device type and number of bands and frequencies)
  • - Ability to separate different SSID wireless networks
  • - Improved reception based on device and network congestion

Cloud BPX

Cloud BPX

Contragest provides a full VoIP solutions using virtual PBX and SIPsolutions for businesses in the cloud.

Based on new technology, the service is suitable for large customers or remote branches of small and medium businesses. It includes a mechanism for making direct calls through Contragest’s discounted call rates, and direct and secure access to the company’s billing system.

The switchboard is based on advanced open code technology, and offers all the features of traditional telephony switches and much more. Immediate savings are guaranteed!


  • - Flexibility in the switchboard’s operation.
  • - Substantial saving in call expenses.
  • - Substantial saving in maintenance costs.
  • - Reduced cost of overseas calls.
  • - Managerial reports down to the extension level.
  • - Savings in calls between branches

Feature Highlights

  • - Caller ID, call blocking and call forwarding.
  • - Video conferencing.
  • - Immediate call recording and transmission to the employee’s voicemail.
  • - Direct voicemail to the mailbox as an audio file.
  • - Full call recording of all calls in the system or selected extensions in real time.
  • - Music on hold (fixed, hours, by department, including announcements and advertising during on-hold.
  • - Flexible use of MP3 files and interface to the switchboard through a browser, allowing flexibility in advertising campaigns and messages to all customers.
  • - Connection of remote offices, including the home, to the switchboard.
  • - Full details of calls for every extension or extension group including monthly bills.
  • - Access numbers anywhere in the world at a fixed monthly fee without billing calls at all, and free access numbers (0-800) in scores of countries worldwide.
  • - Softphone extensions.
  • - Call router without limitation on the number of levels Contragest Group provides a full VoIP solutions using virtual.

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