Business pressures in the present environment lead us to chase unrealistic deadlines. These pressures transcend people and many times afflict the IT systems and processes. Tough deadlines and cost pressures result in longer use of IT infrastructure. Such prolonged use of IT infrastructure and equipment can result in over-utilisation and hence breakdown. This situation clearly sets the stage for a proper system to address the required maintenance services.

Our IT Maintenance Services which includes Systems Maintenance and Computer Maintenance services provides the adequate level of support required to maintain smooth operations.

Break-Fix Services

Break-Fix Services takes care of hardware problems that affect business continuity and productivity. Break-fix support and IT support are offered on a reactive basis and/or proactive basis, as the case may be. This service is offered to clients across geographical boundaries. IT personnel are deployed onsite to troubleshoot the problems immediately and prevent recurrence. This saves on maintenance efforts and costs.

Some of the unique features in this service include setting up the inventory, ecosystem and maintenance support at strategic locations. Break-Fix support and IT repair services are the different Break- Fix services offered by Contragest.

Out-of-Hours Support

Some of the organisations are too busy to attend to maintenance issues, during their working hours due to business demands. Contragest provides support during ‘Non working hours,’ for the benefit of these organisations. The highlight of this service is that Contragest offers support not only during ‘Out- of-Hours, but even on a 24*7*365 basis, if required by the client.
The ‘After hours services’, can be customised according to the size of business or scope of the activities.

Contragest is a leading provider of IT solutions. IT Maintenance is one of our core-services. We provide Break-Fix Services and Out-of-Hours services of unmatched quality.

Business environments undergo a rapid and constant change, bringing in a need for better IT resources and improved implementation techniques.
With these changes comes the need for installing new hardware, moving to better work environments, adding or upgrading existing infrastructure and so on.

In short, the need for IMAC solutions is being increasingly felt across all verticals.

'IMAC' stands for Installs, Moves, Adds & Changes- the four primary needs of IT infrastructure. With more and more companies gearing up to meet the fast paced challenges of the business world, the need for IMAC services is growing.

Contragest offers long-term and short-term IMAC solutions for a wide range of organisational needs.
Our services compliment your internal resources by providing skilled professionals, with extensive knowledge, unique skill sets and the ability to handle peak workloads; thus allowing your in-house staff to concentrate on core business areas. You can get immediate access to our trained staff and the tools to support both your non-routine and unique needs, to ensure business continuity.
Contragest’s IMAC services are available to you whenever short term support or specialised skill sets are required to resolve a specific situation in your IT environment. Whether it is for a specific period of time, or an on demand or constant basis, we have the right tools and knowledge to meet your needs.

Install, Move, Add & Change (IMAC) Services

Our technicians leverage state-of-the-art technology, tools and processes to give your business the required edge. Our IMAC services can help you with multiple processes at all levels.

These include (but are not limited to):

  • - New onsite equipment installation (Desktop, mobile devices, printers, servers, hubs & routers etc)
  • - Disassembly and reconfiguration of IT systems for relocation
  • - Equipment movement within your building & between your sites
  • - Rolling out new memory, drives, hardware & software etc
  • - Moving into new offices
  • - Moves, adds and changes to offer remote or on-site administrative support
  • - Adding fresh units to existing infrastructures
  • - Technology refresh & upgrades
  • - Remote configuration of helpline support for technical consulting and implementation
  • - Recycling IT equipment between projects / departments
  • - Upgrading equipment with new operating systems, software & hardware etc
  • - Diagnostics & configuration

  • Our professionals will work with you to understand your specific needs and requirements, and then create a plan that offers maximum value in terms of the output generated, as well as the expenditure and costs involved. Contragest’s IMAC services correspond to agreed SLA’s, ensuring all needs are met within the timeline and are delivered on-budget.

    The Contragest Advantage

  • - Protect productivity of your in-house resources by relying on Contragest resources to compliment your workforce at times of high demand
  • - Focus your team on your core business objectives by putting Contragest resources to work on your second-tier projects
  • - Fixed costs ensuring transparent and tight budgetary control
  • - Reduced implementation time
  • - Consistent and predictable service outcome
  • - A single point of contact for service and accountability
  • - Reduced business complexities and on-time installation of hardware

  • Contragest has an enviable track record of nearly two decades of experience in Installs, Moves, Adds & Changes (IMAC) services.

    Our Support Center has a professional technical team at an online Help Desk manned 24/7, and field technicians who provide service on the customer’s premises.
    The company has a team of engineers that provide professional support services for Networking infrastructures, professional business Connectivity, Data Protection & IT infrastructures.

    The service includes support and advice via phone or email, planning and setup of computerized systems, Hyper-V and VMWare virtualization, storage systems, backup solutions, management and control, professional planning of computer networking and networks Connectivity for businesses.                                                                                                                
    If you have any question regarding a technical issue, please let us know how we can help you via phone or email and we will get straight back to you. 

    If you have subscribed to our IT Managed Support Service and you have a question regarding an ongoing Ticket, please refer the Tracking number to the Helpdesk Service.

    Contact us: from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.CET

    By email at: or give us a call.: +352 661/358488 

    For all request via a TeamViewer remote session, please click the Quick support button here below !

    24x7 IT Helpdesk Support Services

    Support Request Button

    24x7 help desk has become a necessity !
    Contragest Group delivers a flexible 24x7 helpdesk support solution to choose from based on your needs.

    These include regular, out of hours, part-time, contingency support. 
    Our 24x7 Helpdesk services provide an effective alternative to your in-house support teams by offering extensive technical knowledge and round-the-clock support. 
    Get access to multi-channel (voice, web, e-mail and chat based) helpdesk services for local and global distributed delivery platforms. 
    Our services include first, second and third level IT support solutions. We use the most advanced and latest Helpdesk technologies such as - Remedy, Service Desk from HP, Advance Helpdesk from CA, Track IT and Touch Paper. 

    Highlight of our 24x7 Helpdesk Service:

    • - Single-point of contact
    • - Reduction in overall operational costs by up to 30%
    • - High quality solutions delivered in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 and ITIL best practices
    • - Flexible 24x7 helpdesk support that is site appropriate - Full-time or Part-time

    Help Desk Services
    • Voice, E-mail and Chat-based Support
    • Online Live Helpdesk
    • Website Navigational Assistance
    • Tracking & Reporting Systems
    • Enterprise IT Infrastructure Support
    • Software Configuration & Installation Assistance
    • Remote Assistance
    • Server Administration
    • LAN & Server Support

    Desktop Management Solutions is one of the neglected IT functions as the efforts required for Desktop management are often underestimated.
    Inadequate planning or resource allocation for Desktop management can result in delayed deadlines.
    Moreover the in-house IT resources may be over-burdened in attending to desktop-related issues along with other business priorities.

    Efficient planning and implementation of Desktop Management Solutions can avoid unnecessary delays.

    Contragest's desktop management services cover the entire life-cycle of the desktop environment and provide clients with improved support for the end-user experience, data & infrastructure, minimising the impact of staff turnover and reducing the total cost of ownership, all leading to a greater ROI. Our proactive and efficient desktop management services offer a reliable and cost-effective solution that helps our clients in a number of ways.
    We provide all hardware and software services that our clients need to operate effectively within a reliable and secure environment.

    Highlights of our Desktop Management Solutions:

    • - Better reliability, and availability of systems (desktops, PCs and laptops)
    • - Scalable and flexible solutions
    • - Improved data security
    • - Quickly address system-related issues and risks
    • - Free up your resources to focus on core activities
    • - Single Point of Accountability

    Desktop Management Services
    • Asset Discovery & Management
    • Desktop Deployment & Support (PCs, Laptops, Printers and Peripherals)
    • Desktop Configurations
    • Software Distribution & Installation
    • Standard Imaging
    • Application & Operating System Management
    • Hardware/Software Rollouts
    • Security and Patch Management
    • Anti Virus and Anti Malware Protection
    • Data Backup & Restore
    • Data Migration
    • Platform Migration Services (Windows XP to Windows 7)
    • Windows Active Directory Design & Implementation
    • Remote Desktop Access
    • Technology Refresh
    • IT Helpdesk
    • Third Party or Vendor Management

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